Virtual Solutions International, PLLC


Our Name

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines "Virtual" as 

"being on or simulated on a computer"

if you combine this with "Solutions" this means that we provide solutions that are designed and simulated on a computer.  In a sense, that is exactly what we do, we design or virtually construct facilities on a computer.  Adding "International" expands this to indicate that we do the "virtually" everywhere.  Our engineers have worked with firms form or projects in Africa, Canada, Cuba, Germany, Haiti, Israel, Japan, Russia, and of course the United States.  

Putting this all together our name expresses exactly who we are and what we do.  VSI provides virtual solutions all over the world.

Our Logo and our Motto

Our motto takes our initials, "VSI" and connects the tops of the "V" and the "I" which resembles the symbol for the square root operator.  This being the case, it implies that we are taking the square root of the "solution".  There is an old saying that talks about getting to root of the "problem", but we at VSI believe that anyone can figure that out.  The real challenge is to get to the root of the "SOLUTION".  This is what is meant by our logo as we strive to get to the root of the solutions of challenges for our clients.

"VSI gets to the root of the SOLUTION!"

Our Mission

It is our mission at VSI to be premier engineering consultants for building systems, promptly providing excellence in engineering services to our clients for a reasonable fee.